Whenever Jonathan goes out of town, I feel an urge to get something big done around the house. I realize that is counter-intuitive, since I have less time to myself, but it happens every time. Usually it's something small, like getting a new wastebasket, but this time I decided to redo the floor of the sun porch.

We've been wanting to deal with this mess since we moved in:

Faded dark paneling, ugly brown door trim badly scratched from moving a couch in, and stained styrofoam beams on the ceiling:

I finally primed the place and painted the door:

... and then I painted it with some leftover white paint from the old homeowners, and it looked pretty good. Of course I forgot to snap any pictures before last night where I got the bright idea to rip out the floor on my own to install laminate wood floors. We have laminate floors in the back hall, and ugly blue carpet sticky tiles laid on top of hideous old linoleum.

So here's where I'm at now:

It's taking quite a bit longer than I thought, but I'm still hoping to have it done by Friday. Just as soon as I learn to operate a power saw!