Daily Attack

I'm committing to something new - 15 minutes of cleaning my home's major trouble areas. I'll still have to do more cleaning throughout the day, but the plan is for these 15 minutes to keep clutter contained around the house.

In those 15 minutes I want to:
  • wipe down bathroom surfaces
  • clear off the top of our entertainment center and dishwasher (the "kids-can't-reach-it-so-we-put-everything-here" places)
  • collect stray dishes and put them in the dishwasher
  • put runaway shoes back in their place
  • deal with any paperwork found when cleaning up
Today I was so motivated that my 15 minutes lasted an hour! I did get a lot more done in that time than I had planned, so it's setting the stage for the real day 1 tomorrow.

In case anyone is fervently expecting updates on the sun porch progress, simmer down. It's very much stalled for now, but hopefully I'll find some time to work on it soon.