Hidden Clutter

I've been cleaning out my storage areas recently in hopes that by cleaning them out I will be able to realize my dreams of turning the storage room into a 3rd bedroom/office so Jonathan can stop working in our bedroom!

We have quite a few obstacles before that can happen:
  1. Our furnace is enormous and juts right into the space we'd like to use. We recently had an HVAC guy come in for an estimate on replacing it, and he started taking pictures of our furnace to show his HVAC friends. Yes, it's that old (circa 1954). So first thing, we'd have to remove and replace that beast.
  2. While we're at it, we might as well add central air, right? Everyone says they will offer a discount for doing both.
  3. To do that, we would need to update our electrical panel, also circa 1954.
  4. As you can imagine, everything is so freaking expensive!
So, it's probably not going to happen. But a girl can dream and cleaning out the storage area is probably a good idea anyway.

I tackled our old electronic equipment first. We've had 2 very old flip phones with the batteries removed as toys for awhile, but everything else just sat in a box gathering dust. A friend let me know that the mobile rep at Target will give you a store credit as payment for turning in a working cell phone, so a couple things went there. Everything else is waiting for a trip to the library electronic recycling area.

Sitting in a box gathering dust is bad enough, but I discovered worse things: empty boxes gathering dust. Boxes for a DVD player, an ipod dock, our wedding china, etc. I had the electronic boxes saved for warranties (30 days have long passed); the china boxes were because my mom told me that things like that aren't worth any money without the box. After 4 years, I'm not planning to sell them so out they go.

These are the dangers of living in the suburbs with lots of storage space. Never again, I hope!