Meatball Soup with a Kick!!!


1 ½ lbs. chop meat
¼ cup Romano cheese
1 quart button mushrooms - sliced
3 stalks celery – chopped
1 Jalapeño – sliced – with seeds
4 cloves garlic – chopped
Handful of basil – chopped
3 egg yolks – beaten
1 teaspoon cornstarch
Juice of ½ lemon
2 tomatoes – chopped
2 bunches scallions – chopped
1 onion – chopped
5 cups chicken broth
Olive oil

Heat a soup pot with a drizzle of olive oil and add the veggies, except the basil. Allow the veggies to sauté until the onion is clear. Add the broth a simmer on low.

Combine the chop meat with the basil and grated cheese. Form into small meat balls and gently drop into the soup.

Combine the egg yolks with the corn starch and lemon juice and beat. Get the soup real hot and stir gently while drizzling the egg into the soup.

Serve with grated cheese.

This soup is hearty and delish for a nice fall night.

With Love,