Necklace Recreated

I've been purging my clothes, shoes, and jewelry trying to keep only the things that I love and use often. Only a few necklaces that made the cut, including one I haven't worn in awhile yet couldn't bring myself to part with. It's a beautiful piece, but it's a lot of necklace for my mostly-casual weekend activities.

While browsing for a more understated, longer necklace, I realized the ones I loved were very similar in color to the one spending most of its time gathering dust. Before the motivation disappeared, I grabbed the necklace, my needle-nose pliers, and put my old rosary repair skills (thanks mom) to work. About 30 minutes later, I was left with four longer strands.

I love the options this new look offers; they can be layered, each one works singly, and the longest one can double up. Now it has me wondering what other much-loved/little-used things around here could use a bit of tweaking!