Hi. Welcome to my website!

I’m an independent Oriental companion, whose roots are traced back to the South Western part of China. Having been raised as a traditional Chinese girl, I’ve been brought up to value my feminine nature. Therefore, I have a very gentle and soft spoken manner. Similar to an old world concubine, I’m a gracious companion—one who is quite naturally accustomed to taking care of a gentleman’s wants, needs and desires. Westerners see this as an “exotic” characteristic. However, exotic or not, it comes as second nature to me.

Although comforting, my old world charm has not subdued the zest and passion that I bring to an encounter; and my gentle manner does not imply a bashfulness, or a conservative approach to a date. I’m open minded, and enthusiastic. In fact, in contrast to the standard professional companion image, I’m actually a more accommodating provider by choice.

I’m told my personal style is regularly much more passionate then the norm, and certainly more open minded. Would you care to verify that claim? Call me. All my “411” details are listed below the picture to your left.

Oh, the picture….yes—that’s me alright. It’s my soon to be famous “rear view”. LOL...well, OK, maybe not famous...but, hopefully, soon to be well known. Personally, I do hope you and my rear view will become much better acquainted...and ideally, sometime soon!

Your Passionate Oriental GFE: Catherine
Ph: 647-887-4834

Write Me: catherinetog@hotmail.com