My Bio

Oh...where to start? How do I tell you about me in under a minute? Well...Is slim and sexy still “in”? I’d fit that label. People also tell me that I have bright eyes, and a very warm smile. In fact, it’s quite rare that you’re not completely comfortable with me by the time our lips gently come together for the very first time. Oh yea—I should mention this—our lips will actually meet within seconds after the door has closed! I’m not one to waste any time. So, be sure to prepare yourself for my “how are ya”’s always a pulse racer. ;-p

I’m 5’ 4” tall….so, that has me measuring in at around 5’ 7” in my heels (which I’ll certainly model for you on command). I could rhyme off my measurement stats, but I think I’ll just let my portfolio do the talkin’ for me. Why bother rhyming off stats—a picture says a 1000 words!

Some key info on me: I have extremely sensitive nipples and the slightest bit of tongue attention will move me into high gear rapidly. Also, a smooth clean shave is maintained on the landing strip. So, slide down there when you’re ready. I keep it that way for a reason. ;-)

Finally, if “lips to the base” is your thing, then we’ll get along quite nicely. Now, I can’t guarantee that I’ll get there in every case. But I’ll certainly try! Of course, once you’re warmed up, just lie back and let go—or let me take my position and you can dive in! The choice is yours to make.

Finally, yes—I had a ghostwriter complete the copy for my website. However, the ideas and content within the site were created by me, in the hope that they’d properly reflect my character and charm in advance of a meeting with you. I may not be able to write eloquent prose in English, but I am able to converse fluently. You’ll have no difficulty in either speaking with me, or understanding me when we finally do connect. I hope it’s soon! Call me!

Your Passionate Oriental GFE: Catherine
Ph: 647-887-4834

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