My Schedule

I commit a large block of time to my general availability on a daily basis. Have I missed a window of opportunity that would allow me to spend some time with you? Don’t worry—I’ll always make time for you….so please, just contact me and let me know when you’d like to meet. The schedule below is not written in stone. I’m a serious service provider, who values the time and effort you invest in trying to contact me. We’ll find a way to align our schedules, if you’re serious about spending some time with me.

Now, just a quick note on an “admin” item:  I return all my voice mail messages, and my email messages as soon as I possibly can. However, I can run into an exceptionally busy period without warning. Please be patient with me when these situations arise. We’ll eventually connect. I promise!

Your Passionate Oriental GFE: Catherine
Ph: 647-887-4834
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