Rainy Day

In fifth grade my dad took me and some of my siblings to "Take Your Child to Work Day" at the large accounting firm where he worked in downtown Chicago. They had printed banners for every child on their parent's office door and had a kid-friendly lunch buffet that ended with an executive Q&A session. I raised my hand and patiently waited as some older, more studious types asked questions with financial terms I didn't understand. When it came my turn I posed my own burning question:

"Do you work better when it is rainy or when it is sunny?"

The executive paused, laughed and made some joke I didn't understand directed at the adults in the room before moving on to the next antsy child. I was confused, wondering why he didn't have a response. This was something I wondered frequently. Did I like rainy days to be lazy, snuggled up in bed with a good book? Or were they opportunities to let nature do it's work while I got less interesting things done inside? I believed that the CEO of a large company would certainly know himself well enough to answer this question.

A month later, my question landed in a highlights column of the company newsletter. While everyone laughed, I still wondered what his answer might be. I think I finally know my own. The gentle, cleansing sound and cozy darkness make me want to stay in bed with thick socks and warm coffee.

Or stay in my pajamas, make a smoothie, and wrap up in a blanket. With a band-aid on an imaginary nose wound, of course.