16 miles is a long way

This past winter was a long, cold one. I suppose I should have remembered that Spring in Chicago tends to hide. After being cooped up so long this winter, we were thrilled at the chance to take a 16-mile bike ride through Chicago.

My younger brother Sean is biking 4000 miles this summer across the country to raise money for cancer research. The team of 28 riders has raised over $120,000 so far! Check out the official Illini 4000 website for more info. I'm a bit jealous but mostly very proud of my little brother for being part of it. It sounds like a truly life-changing experience.

In true Chicago fashion, that June morning began unseasonably chilly and rainy. I wasn't sure how our 2-year-old would do with the weather, but she was very excited to get started:

After getting together with my brother, we left Millenium Park to began the ride.

See how happy and excited we look? I wasn't looking so great 6 miles in. Let's just say that didn't know how long it would take to bike one mile... let alone 16! Despite my lack of preparedness, the rain cleared and we had lots of fun exploring the city in a new way. I have plans to ride more often, but I think I'm going to need a new bike. My hand-me-down 15-year-old bike just might not make it another 16 miles ;)