I love allrecipes.com

In my adolescent years, I found that baking was a huge stress relief for me, but cooking meals never seemed to hold the same appeal. It might be that my family loved eating my cakes twice a week, but when I tried making Coq au Vin (which ended up tasting fine, despite its vibrant purple color) my oldest sister was the only one to eat it without complaining. My family is semi-notorious for unadventurous eating habits, but I digress.

I'm no chef, but sometimes I get a little ahead of myself at the grocery store. When I came home with fresh catfish, I turned to allrecipes and found this simple Crispy Catfish recipe. I used flour instead of bread crumbs or crackers, cooked it on my cast iron griddle, and it was perfect.

We had some fresh spinach to use up, so I quickly cooked it with some marinated sun dried tomatoes (from Costco, another food favorite of mine).


I overbought on catfish, so the next day I used the leftovers to make fish tacos.

2 cups of black beans, a cup of fresh salsa, a fish fillet, and a few leaves of Boston lettuce later....

My favorite summer lunch so far.

I really love allrecipes not only for the endless collection of great recipes but also for the ratings and reviews by thousands of contributers. Never try a recipe without reading them!