Almost Three

I stumbled on this oh-so-true quote on another blog recently: "Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed." -- Robert Gallagher"

I find myself blown away each day by how much a little two-year-old brain can process. We visited storytime at the library and for the first part, Cecelia snuggled up close with her bear watching the story leader and the other children. In the second half, she put her bear down and got up to dance and take part in the finger plays. As she relayed the experience to her dad, she told him she was shy but was able to recall the motions and words of the entire time there.

She's trying to figure out her place in this big world, making tons of connections with the things around her.

Like this bell pepper scrap "flower" that she presented to her daddy:

or this slightly scary snack of blueberries that her baby doll needed:

One day while brushing our teeth together, she told me that when she got big she would get a button on her Dora brush-teeth (aka toothbrush) like mommy.

This awareness of the world is sobering, though, when she picks up on my not-so-loving tone to my husband and tells me to speak nicely.

Or latches onto snippets of conversation she heard of a friend's grandmother passing.

When I start to think about how quickly she's growing up, I need a reminder of how little she still is.

She's happy to provide this, of course. She can't even look at a baby carrot anymore without sticking it up her nose, telling me that it's "discusting," and bursting into laughter.

Yes, we still have lots of growing up time left with this one :)