Feeling Like a Mouse

This mouse...

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.jpg

I'm sure you know the feeling. You change one thing for the better around your house and turn around thinking "Wow that new table would look even better next to a new dishwasher." Or you buy a cute dress on clearance and realize it would look so much better with a new pair of sandals. By the way, searching for sandals on Google is dangerous because you end up perusing websites with photos like this:

And then all of the sudden you are on a travel website checking out how much it would cost for a last minute deal to the Caribbean. (although, it does make a single pair of shoes seem like less of a splurge).

See what I mean about feeling like the mouse?

Over at Clover Lane, I once saw Sarah write: "Clean and everything will look better to you."

I remembered this advice and pulled out the can of Bon Ami to scrub everything I could get my hands on in the kitchen. That stuff is truly amazing if you haven't tried it. Biodegradable too!

After my cleaning binge in the kitchen, I feel I can add an addendum to Sarah's little rule to live by. Not only will everything look better, but it will definitely help you stick to your shopping list next time you're killing time at Target. You aren't going to want one more thing around to have to scrub.

Take that, Le Crueset.

Le Creuset 5 1/2 Quart Round French Ovens
I don't want you anymore! (At least not today.)