Did you know that crickets come in a shiny black variety very reminiscent of cockroaches? And that they jump to startling heights when disturbed? No? Well, neither did I. Which is why when I unearthed a nest of eight jumping, huge, black things I started screaming and crying "they are jumping at me!" until my dear husband ran outside to see what the heck was the matter. Can you blame me? They look like this (I'm giving you fair warning not to look down if you get insect nightmares):

(c)Livefoods by post Ltd -This image is kindly used with the permission of (I'm hoping that most people purchase these bugs to feed their pets, but I did just read that the Jolie-Pitt children snack on crickets like potato chips if you're interested).

Yikes! After perusing an insect database and discovering who these creepy little guys were, I felt at least little better knowing that they probably don't want to come in my house.

Since I don't want to leave you with thoughts of bouncing bugs, I want to share my new favorite waffle recipe. Okay, it may be the only recipe that I've ever tried, but they were so, so good. We doubled this Oatmeal Waffles recipe and froze half. They proved much to good to wait for, so they were popped in the toaster the very next day. I followed the advice of other reviewers and added a splash of vanilla extract. Enjoy!