Almond Shortbread Cookies!!!

Inspired by: James Beard’s American Cookery


2 cups butter
½ cup ground almonds
1 cup powdered or granulated sugar
4 cups sifted all-purpose flour

Cream the butter until almost like whipped cream. Gradually cream in the sugar and continue beating until very light. Stir in the flour, then turn onto a lightly floured board or counter. Knead the mixture until it is very smooth. Traditionally this is pressed into shallow pie pans, the dough being about ½ inch thick. The edges are fluted as on a pie crust, and serving portions are stippled across the dough with a fork so that the shortbread can be broken easily into small pieces.

Preheat the Oven 350 degrees:

The length of time will depend upon the thickness of the dough and the size of the pan used. Allow to become golden on the edges and slightly golden in the middle.

This is a delicious cookie for coffee or tea.

Enjoy with Love,

Almond Shortbread Cookies!!!