Don't Wrong Your Flooring Specialist

Have I told you all about our crazy tile man? Technically he is our neighbor's crazy tile man, but we can claim partial ownership since he performs his craziness outside our house. Anyway, about a month ago, the police came to investigate some loud, continued yelling going on next door between a contractor and the homeowner. We got the scoop a little later and found that the homeowner refused to pay him some up-charges he had added (without her agreeing in writing) to his original work. She said the work he did was shoddy, and he didn't even deserve payment on what they originally agreed upon, although she says she paid that in full.

Fast forward a week or so and we see the old blue truck (at least it's a Dodge, Jimmy!) park right in front of our large picture window in the living room. Out hops the tile man with a piece of plywood reading "[Your Neighbor] owes me $850." And then he proceeded to sit in his car for 2 hours. The police came to investigate but drove off leaving him there.

He's out there again. For the fifth time.

We've noticed he leaves just before the 2 hour parking limit is up. (1.25 hours to go!)

I like to stand in the window and try to stare him down.

He won't make eye contact.

I'm considering having Cecelia finger paint a large sign for him. You know, because we're so daring out here in the suburbs.