Grilled Cod Fish Filet with Creamy Tomato Sauce!!!


3 lbs. cod fish filet
Fresh Italian bread crumbs

Cod Fish Rub:

Drizzle of olive oil
Dashes of ground cumin
Dashes of chili powder
Dashes of curry powder
Dashes of turmeric

For the Creamy Tomato Sauce:

2 vines ripe tomatoes – sliced
¼ cup of instant potato buds
¼ cup of milk
¼ cup of water with a teaspoon of instant chicken broth (such as Vegeta)
Handful of fresh basil leaves
Olive oil
Fresh Romano cheese for grating

For the fish:

Heat a griddle.

Combine all of the ingredients for the fish rub in a small bowl and mix. Rub each cod filet with the rub on both sides and then pat each side with the bread crumbs and place on the hot griddle. Grill each side until slightly firm about 3-4 minutes on each side. Turning only once so that you do not break the fish up into pieces.

For the sauce:

Heat a large frying pan with a drizzle of olive oil and place the tomatoes in the pan. Add the basil and sauté the tomatoes until soft. Mix the milk with the instant potatoes and add to the sautéed tomatoes. Mix the water and the instant chicken broth and add to the pan. Continue to simmer on low for a minute or two.

Plate the fish and top with the creamy sauce down the middle. Grate fresh Romano cheese over the sauce and serve.

This is light and delicious!!

Enjoy with Love,