Bring on the Green

With cold days and early nights already upon us, I'm trying to take steps to make my home a little healthier this winter.

I happened to be driving by IKEA while thinking about this and quickly made the turn to look at their plants. I pulled up the list of air filtering house plants, and found one there that worked. The Red-Edged Dracaena, which is supposed to be very simple to care for (a necessity given my brown thumb). Bonus, it was only $10.

It looks cute in the living room where it's getting the filtered sunlight the tag asks for.

Oh, if you look closely in the above picture, you can see the other new addition to the living room:

Fake sofa tables!

We haven't decided what to do about a coffee table, we don't have room for end tables, and we need a place to put glasses, etc when using the living room. Sofa tables seemed like an extravagant expense when we're just tucking them next to a wall, so floating shelves ended up being our answer. We have the one you see above and another longer one against the wall behind the other L of the sectional.

Visually, you barely notice them, but functionally, they are perfect. It's one of those projects that I'm definitely regretting not doing it earlier!