Home Anniversary - Bathroom

To continue the home anniversary celebration, I'm moving on to the bathroom. This is the only space that we had a professional help us with so far.

The day we moved in:

Look again and make sure you don't miss the banana yellow trim or black toilet cover. Yikes!

I can't find pictures of how it was for most of the time we've been here. I painted the trim, vanity, mirror, and light fixture white, removed the wallpaper and painted the walls white, replaced the blinds and the toilet seat, and installed chrome fixtures. It looked better, but the cheap vinyl tiles were falling from the walls and the glossy black floor was a pain to keep clean.

Here is how it looks today!

Children's stool and all! Our bathroom is still small after the reno, so it was hard to get any shots of the shower. We upgraded to a big soaker tub, had subway tile laid all the way to the ceiling, and installed a curved shower rod.

No pictures of the shower before exist. It was AWFUL! I shudder thinking about it. Let's just leave it at the after is 1000 times better. It feels so clean and bright and big! Storage is not extensive, but we only have essentials in the bathroom now which keeps it cleaner. This is our only bathroom - I actually appreciate having less in there. We have the simple human shower caddy in the shower that fits everything we need. The only things out are the tub toys for Cecelia and the stepstool. I love the clutter-free, clean space!