Home Anniversary - Living Room

Tomorrow marks our 4 year anniversary of closing on the house! It sounded fun to do a quick then and now comparison of a few rooms in the house, so we'll start with the living room.

This is our main living space in the house and changes began immediately.

Here we are just after having the place to ourselves:

And a view of the lovely mauve wall.

We hadn't painted before people came to visit, so we had several awkward "did you paint that?" questions before our guests would comment on it.

Within an hour of closing, we had that wall to wall carpeting ripped up and went to town removing staples. The floor was slightly worn but in really excellent shape. The mauve wooden valances were next, followed by the dirty sheer curtains.

This was a few days after the closing. We had nothing but a couch in the house at that point (we didn't move in until after our wedding in December), but we had to have a tree! It's a little Charlie Brown, that tree. Poor thing. But you can see the improvement with the valances and wall-to-wall carpet gone.

We've come a long way now. Some paint, bookcases, a sofa, a pair of chairs, and some new lampshades later here we are, with Christmas decor partially up:

I still can't believe that window looked so small before. It's enormous. Almost too enormous, actually; sometimes I feel a bit like a fish in a bowl. Overall I love it. It lets in tons of light and the sill is the perfect height for babies learning to pull up and walk.

No more pink wall! I know it looks a little bare, but where would dance parties happen if we had a coffee table?

We've made a lot of improvements in here, but I have a few more projects I'd like to do here eventually:

  • Paint the room again. Maybe blue like the shade in this room?
  • Add a credenza to replace the 6 cube unit from Target. I'd love a vintage, leggy mid century one.
  • Layer in some throw pillows and other accessories to bring in some color.
  • Replace the window behind the couch. I believe it is circa 1954, and it lets in lots of unwanted hot or cold air.
In the meantime, the space definitely feels like home after 4 years of making it ours! Stay tuned for updates of some other rooms around the house :)