Putting away Christmas

Last night I was eyeing the Christmas tree, thinking that it was about time that thing came down and I could package away the mess. We were planning to do it this weekend, after the feast of the Epiphany, but I made an off-hand comment to my husband in the other room about doing it sooner. This caused Cecelia to stop playing, walk up to our tree and say "But Mom, the tree is just so beautiful."

It really is a pretty little tree this year, despite it's rapidly shedding needles. I guess we'll put Christmas away this weekend, and revel a bit more in the meantime.

I know a lot of people get past the 25th and are ready to put everything away and move on, but it's so hard for me to move on from the Christmas high. This one was especially fun with a super sweet three year old. We cut down our own tree, visited the lights downtown, went on a wagon ride, and listened to near-incessant Christmas music.

It seems to me that you experience more of the magic of Christmas as a parent than you do as a child, doesn't it?